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Upgrade Level

Advanced Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Upgrade Level

Equipment can upgrade to stronger equipment by "Upgrade Level"
Enhancement level can be reached up to +30 level.
In order to upgrade level, silver coin and ancient stone is needed as materials.
The more advanced the equipment, the more Ancient Stone are needed in order to increase the chance of success
When the level of target equipment is less than or equal to +10, even if it fails, the level of enhancement will not drop.
Equipment level will increase when succeed. For the level of target equiment greater than or equal to +11, the level of equipment will remain the same or decrease with a 50% chance when failed.

2. Types of Ancient Stone

Ancient Stone can divided into 4 types: Ancient Stone Fragment, Ancient Stone, Ancient Stone High, and Ancient Stone Highest
The higher the level of Ancient Stone, the higher the success rate that can be improved.
The more Ancient Stone used, the higher the success rate.

Scarlet Stone has the same function as Ancient Stone which is a level enhancing material item.
The target equipemnt will become 'seal' status and cannot be traded when using Scarlet Stone to enhance level.
The "Scarlet Stone" confirmation window need to tick while using Scarlet Stone.
There is a chance to get Ancient Stone and Scarlet Stone by killing the monsters.
Tips: Disassemble Heroic equipment also can obatin Scarlet Stone.

3. Protection Stone
Protection Stone is only consumed to prevent downgrading.