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Wing Costume

Advanced Guide| 02 March 2021

1.Wing Costume Introduction

- Wing are a costume wear on the back
- Use [Item Fuse] to upgrade wings to the next level
- Using wing can increase the movement speed and defensive of the character
- Suitable for PVP due to have higher defensive stat
- The intial wings can be wear when level 40 or above
- Appearance of the wing costume is stored in the "M" column of the character item bag window.

2.Wing Fuse
- Use [Phoenix Feather] to fuse [Dark Wing I]
- When upgrading the next level,[Phoenix Feather] can be use as a material.
- [Phoenix Feather] & [Evo Gem] can be obtained in [Victory Box] for completing dungeon
- [Evo Gem High] can be use as a wing material
- Fusing wing you also need [Salt] & [Tea Leaf] as a material

3.Wing Fuse Material
4.Wing Stat