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Inherit System

Advanced Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Level Inherit

The equiment inherit material must be +10 or above only can be inherit .
The equipment which is upgraded , blessed or gem enhancement cannot used as inherit material.
The new equitment will also drop some upgrade level after inheritance.
The type of equipement to inherit must be same as the equipment inherit material.
The stat(gem enhancement , intimacy enhancement , bless stat)in equiment material will also inherit to the new eqipment.
The inheritance requires Gold Coins, and the cost will be increase according to the level of equipment to inherit.
If the equiment inherit material is with the 'seal' status , the equipment to inherit will also become 'seal' status.
The equipment inherit material will disappear when the inheritance is completed.
Inheritance is 100% success without failure.
Wearing equipment cannot be inherited unless unwear the equipment.