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Gem Enchance

Advanced Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Introduction

Various gems can be used as materials for strengthening the equipment.
There is a certain chance to get gems by killing monsters.
According to the type of equipment, the types of gems that can be used as gem-strengthening materials are different.
According to the type of gems, the abilities given on the equipment are different.
After collecting 100 gem materials that match the equipment, put them in at once.
The ability value is randomly determined from 0 to the highest value. When the ability value is 0, it will be displayed as a failure.
The original gem enhancement value will disappears, and then a random new value is assigned
Using 'Gem Enhance Protection Stone' can maintain the original value.
The higher the level of skill 'Equipment Gem Enhance', the higher the gem enhancement value granted.
The higher the level of equipment, the higher the gem enhancement value that can be given.

2. Types of gems
Gems are divided into Normal gem and Pure Gem.
You can get Pure Gem by fusing Normal Gem
You can get better enhancement stat by using Pure Gem
You can get Diamond Powder from NPC - Yuan Nang - Accessory Shop which was use as material for fusing Pure Gem

3. Gem Stat
You can check the power of Gem in game.