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EP Stone

Advanced Guide| 02 March 2021

1. EP Stone Inventory

EP Stone Inventory can be found by pressing 'R' key or the 'EP Stone' buttom from Item's window.
Offensive EP Stone' and 'Defensive EP Stone' can be made by fusing the EP Stone Fragment.
There is a certain chance to get EP Stone Fragment by killing monsters.
You will unlock more slot for equip EP Stone after character reborn stage.

2. Fusing EP Stone
EP Stone Fragment is the material that can be fused to become next level of EP Stone.
Level E EP Stone can be obtained by fusing the EP Stone Fragment (E).
EP Stone can be upgrade to next level by fusing EP Stone.
The corresponding level of EP Stone Fragment is required as materials when fusing the EP Stone Fragment or EP Stone.
Tips: Attention! There may be a chance of failure when fusing the high level of EP Stone.

The types and ability of EP Stone
EP Stone can be divided into Offensive EP Stone and Defensive EP Stone
The following is showing the types and ability of Offensive EP Stone:
[Offensive EP Stone: Damage] Increase damage
[Offensive EP Stone: PvP Accuracy] Increase PvP Accuracy
[Offensive EP Stone: PvP Critical Rate] Increase PvP Critical Rate
[Offensive EP Stone: PvP Critical Damage] Increase PvP Critical Damage
[Offensive EP Stone: Damage Against Sword] Increase damage against sword
[Offensive EP Stone: Damage Against Fist] Increase damage against fist
[Offensive EP Stone: Damage Against Katana] Increase damage against katana
[Offensive EP Stone: Damage Against Spear] Increase damage against spear
[Offensive EP Stone: Damage Against Bow] Increase damage against bow
[Offensive EP Stone: Damage Against Dart] Increase damage against dart

The following is showing the types and ability of Defensive EP Stone:
[Defensive EP Stone: Defense] Increase defense
[Defensive EP Stone: Max HP] Increase Max HP
[Defensive EP Stone: Max AP] Increase Max AP
[Defensive EP Stone: PvP Dodge] Increase PvP Dodge
[Defensive EP Stone: PvP Critical Resist] Increase PvP Critical Resist
[Defensive EP Stone: PvP Critical Damage] Resist Increase PvP Critical Damage Resist
[Defensive EP Stone: Defense Against Sword] Increase defense against sword
[Defensive EP Stone: Defense Against Fist] Increase defense against fist
[Defensive EP Stone: Defense Against Katana] Increase defense against katana
[Defensive EP Stone: Defense Against Spear] Increase defense against spear
[Defensive EP Stone: Defense Against Bow] Increase defense against bow
[Defensive EP Stone: Defense Against Dart] Increase defense against dart