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Advanced Guide| 02 March 2021


- You will get new item after fuse
- Fuse require costs and materials
- Fuse may have a chance to fail,all your cost and materials will be consume
- Each time the [Fuse] level +1 ,the success rate will increase 0.33 %
- Reminder:You can use [Fuse Blessing Scroll] to increase the success rate

2.Fuse Example
- Using low level potion to fuse high level potion.
- Using [EP Stone Fragment] to fuse [EP Stone] or upgrade [EP Stone]
- Using [Gem Stone] to fuse advanced [Gem Stone]
- Using [Evo Gem] to fuse [Evo Gem High]
- Wings can be made by fuse
- Above these is some example,there are some item able to fuse,it will be added in the future
- Reminder:All the fuse may have a chance to fail,confirm the success rate before fusing.