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Advanced Guide| 02 March 2021

1.Pet Introduction

- The pet will automatically follow the character and increase the character stat
- Each pet has different type of effect
- Pets can be purcahsed at [Cash Item Mall]
- Player can get [Balla] & [Rey] through quest,but you unable to increase the numbers of the pet stars
- You can summoned 3 pets at the same time.

2. Pet Intimacy and Evolution
- When the pet is summon the intimacy of the pet will increase.
- During battle the intimacy of the pet will increase even more
- When the character dies,the intimacy of the pet will decrease by 5%
- When the intimacy is reduced to 0% and the pet dies,you can use [Revive Potion] to revive pet
- When the intimacy reaches 100%,you can use [Evolution Potion] to evolve
- [Revive Potion] and [Evolution Potion] can be purchased at the pet tamer NPC in the city.

3. Pet Fusion
- Evolve to stage 3 and the pets with 100% intimacy can be fuse into the next level star pet
- Pet with the same number of star and 100% intimacy can use as materials.
- In the pet fusion,require 2 stage 3 pets with the same star and 100% intimacy.
- Player can purchase [Pet Fusion Scroll] in [Cash Item Mall] to fuse pet
- There is a chance to fail when fuse pet.Use [Pet Fusion Potion] can increase the chance of success
- Pet can be upgraded to 5 star at most.The higher the number of stars the stronger the pet

4. Pet Inventory
Press the "Item" button in the "Pet Information" window to open the "Pet Inventory" window.
In the "Pet Inventory" window, you can wear "Pet Equipment" and keep items.
Right-click on the item to quickly move the item between "Personal Inventory" and "Pet Inventory".
The "Pet Inventory" window is not owned by each pet, but a shared space.
The "pet equipment" that has been worn will also have an effect on all pets that are summoned.
Wear the "Protection Necklace" on your pet. If the pet dies, the intimacy will not decrease!