Game Guide

Stage Reborn

Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Introduction

Character will receive extra stat with stage reborn
Character will learn new passive skill with stage reborn too
You will unlock more slot for equip EP Stone after character reborn stage.

2. Decent,Develic Stage
Once character reach Level40 can receive the quest from LoYang NPC - Oracle Prophet
You may choose Decent Stage or Develic Stage as the quest reward.
After reborn extra stat :
① Decent Stage
Critical +10
Attack +30
Elemental Damage +30%

② Develic Stage
Critical Damage +15%
Attack +30 Elemental Damage +30%

3. Divine,Demonic Stage
Once character reach Level70 can receive the quest from BeiJing NPC -XiaoLing
Character must be Decent or Develic stage only can receive the quest
After reborn extra stat :
① Divine Stage
Critical+10 (Overall +20)
Attack +40 (Overall +70)
Elemental Damage +40% (Overall +70%)

② Demonic Stage
Critical Damage +15% (Overall 30%)
Attack +40 (Overall +70)
Elemental Damage +40% (Overall +70%)