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Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Introduction to the Dungeon.
The dungeon needed a party to enter and defeat the monster to clear the level.

In order to enter the Dungeon, the "Brave Key" and the entrance fee "Silver coin" are required.
When repelling monsters, you can obtain "Brave Key", and you can only keep 5 at most.
Each dungeon has a minimum level of entry restrictions
Tip: "Dungeon Boss" drops at least 1 "hero" level equipment.

2. Dungeon rewards

Completing the dungeon can obtain "experience points", "skill points", "silver coin" and "victory box".
Opening the "Victory Box" has a chance to obtain the "Evo Gem" and "Phoenix Feather" needed to make wings.
The more difficult the dungeon, the more you can get a better level of "victory box" as a reward.
A "dungeon boss" will appear randomly in the dungeon, and high-level equipment can be obtained when kill it

3. Dungeon Entrance

1. Lan Chow

2. Chang An

3. Lo Yang

4. Kai Feng

5. Bei Jing