Game Guide

Create Character

Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Create a role name
The character name can be up to 16 English letters or 8 Chinese characters.

2. Characters' appearance and weapon settings
-Gender: You can choose from male or female
Male and female characters are different in appearance and size, but their abilities are the same.
-Hair style : You can choose one of 8 hair styles.
-Face shape : You can choose one of 8 types of face shape.
-Weapons: There are 6 types of weapons: katana , fists, swords , spears , bows , and dart .
-Height: You can change the height according to your preference.
-Body shape: Make the character more individual according to your favorite style.

-Each account can only have 5 characters at the same time
-Character names must not carry unhealthy meanings, political issues, religious issues, etc.