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Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Role status:
HP : The character dies when it returns to 0
AP : deduct HP when returning to 0
MP : the energy required to cast the skill
Experience value: 100% on the left can get 1 character ability points , and 100% on the right can get 2 character ability points.
Wushuang Bar : After learning the Wushuang passive skills, you can turn on the Wushuang mode when the energy bar is full.

2. Mini map
3. Xiangxiang assistant : will provide in-game hints
4. Dialog box : you can use the functions of common , party , alliance, etc.
5. Shortcut key field
6. Tool list
7. View personal and martial rankings
8. Open the top-up page to get the currency "Gold YB".