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Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Backpack
When you press the "i" key to open the "Backpack" window, you can view the items you own.

① You can store items in columns 1~4.
② You can keep the items of the item mall in the M column.
③ Column L is another space where you can store equitment for appearance use.
④ When you click the right mouse button on the item, the use menu will be given.

When a number of items are moved while pressing the ALT key, they can be divided into the desired number.
⑤At the bottom of the window, you can check the number of "silver coins" and "gold coins" you have.
Hints : "Silver Coin" is a non-tradable currency, only "Gold Coins" can be traded.
You can get "Gold Coins" by selling items above the hero leveor specific gem items to NPCs!

2. Warehouse

The "Warehouse" and "Item MalWarehouse" can be opened through the warehouse manager NPC in the city.
Tip: Right-click on the item, you can easily move the item between the warehouse and the backpack window!

3. Shops

Buy the required props in the NPC shop, or selthe props to get silver coins or gold coins.
The maximum number of items that can be purchased at one time is 500.

4. Quest Instructer / Code Activation
After talking with the Quest Instructer of the village, enter the code to receive the rewards.
The items wilbe sent to the "Item MalWarehouse", and you can get them after you talk to the warehouse manager NPC.

5. Character Menu
In the menu that appears when you right-click on other characters, you can easily use various functions.

6. Item Mall
In the menu at the bottom of the screen, press the first "Item Mall" button to use Item Mall.
Purchasing item requires a "Gold Yb" or "Silver Yb".
"Gold Yb" is the currency obtained by topup from the offical website.
"Silver Yb" is completed through hunting, maze (dungeon), PK etc. only can get a certain amount every day.