Game Guide

Map Movement

Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. View the map

You can see the current map name, diversion and your location on the map on the upper right side.
When you press the "W" key, you can see the enlarged map.
When you tap the location you want to move on the map, you can move to that location.

2. Switch Map
The location shown by the smalgreen square icon on the map is the switch map point.
After double-clicking the moving point on the map, you can move when you select the desired diversion on the "Diversion" selection window.
Activate "PK mode " on the "Allow PK" diversion to attack other characters.
In the "prohibition of PK" diversion, except for the period of "blood and rain", it is a safe zone where PK is prohibited.
Reminder: Except for cities, the "first diversion" of the hunting map is a city that "allows PK". Please pay attention to admission.