Game Guide

Auto Hunt System

Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Turn on the auto hunt system

In the menu at the bottom of the screen, when you press the second "Auto-hunting" button, the auto hunt system setting window wilpop up.
Press the "E" key or press the "Start hunting" button to start or stop automatic hunting.
When you tick the "Basic Coordinates" and press the "Current Position", you can keep the hunting position.
Tip: When you press the "E" key, if the character does not automatically hunt at the location you want, please make sure that the "basic coordinates" are correct!

2. Skills settings
It can be set by yourself, and the function corresponding to the "shortcut key" can be automatically pressed.
The "Skil1" in the picture is set to activate the "Shortcut Key" every two seconds, the third in the first column.
When you tick the "Supportive Skill " below, it wilbe activated automatically after the duration expires.
Tip: If you want to quickly upgrade the skills level, please place it on the shortcut bar and set it to continuous activation.
Tip: During automatic hunting, you can save the recovery medicine by setting the "Zin Zong" and "To Na" at the same time!

3. Protection Settings
"Protection Settings" is to set the function of automatically using the potion.
The shortcut bar can be used automatically according to the setting conditions of HP,AP and MP
When the HP in the picture is below 45%, it is set to automatically take the potion by pressing the 8th column
When the MP is below 30%, automatically press the 9th column located in the MP potion.