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Guild System

Beginner Guide| 02 March 2021

1. Guild Introduction

l Create Guild , you can communicate with other players or use Guild Channel.
l Guild with specific conditions can participate in "Guild War" and "Siege Battle".
l Conversing with the Guild Manager NPC in the city to create a Guild.

2. Guild Establishment conditions
① Only a character above level 40 can create a guild.
② In order to create a guild, it is necessary to cultivate the「指導力」
③ The used guild name or character name cannot create guild.
④ After quitting or being delisted from guild , no longer to join or create a guild within one day.
⑤ After the guild is disbanded, it is not possible to join the guild or create a guild within 3 days

3. Guild Level
l The higher the guild level, the more guild members have and the more functions they can use.
l Conversing with the Guild Manager NPC in the city can raise the level of the guild
l The quotas and functions according to the martial art level are as follows:
① Level 1: 10 slots, can use guild effects/guild buff
② Level 2: 15 slots, can be given titles, can participate in Guild War
③ Level 3: 20 slots, can declare war
④ Level 4: 30 slots
⑤ Level 5: 60 slots, can create an alliance

4. Guild Function
l Press the "G" key or "Guild" in the menu at the bottom of the screen to open the "Guild" window.
l Press the "Guild Function" button to use Guild functions.
5. Guild Badges
l Through the Guild Manager NPC in the city, you can register the guild badge.
l Guild badges can only register 16 x 12 pixels in .bmp format graphics files.

6. Guild House
The Guild House is an exclusive space that only members of the schoo
l can enter.
You can get the "Stone of Loyalty" when you kill monsters. l Use the "Stone of Loyalty" to purchase special items from the mall NPC of the Guild House

7. Alliance
l When the guild level is 5, you can create alliances through the Guild Manager NPC in the city.
l There can be up to 7 alliances member only .