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PvP Introduce| 02 March 2021

1. Introduction
In Mohun we have two type to calculate our Fame:

① Fame Ranking Points
[Ranking Points] calculation : [Tower Of Honor Floor x100 + Character Level]
Tower Of Honor at Floor 5 and your character ranking is 40 your fame ranking points will be 540.

② PVP Ranking Points
During [Blood Storm] when kill other players on the map,your PVP ranking points will increase
Killed other higher ranking player you will get more PVP ranking points.
If you are killed by other players,your ranking points will drop.
If it is killed by a player with lower ranking point,your ranking points will drop more.
PVP Ranking Points are adjusted at midnight everyday.

2. Personal Rankings & Guild Ranking
- You may check [Personal Rankings] & [Guild Ranking] below the mini map

- The ranking will update on midnight everyday,and the rankings will update in the order of higher ranking points.
- In [Personal Rankings] the top 20 players will receive different numbers of [Glory Badge],items will be sent to the warehouse
TIP:The guild ranking is calculated based on the guild members with fame 200 or more