Game Guide

Bounty System

PvP Introduce| 02 March 2021

1. Player who have been killed by a PK player can spend money to offer a reward to the player.
2. The city soldier will have a bounty list to check the reward.Only with this bounty you can caught the wanted player.
3. Player can purchase bounty from the list and obtain the permissions of the character in the bounty notice.
4. Player who have purchase bounty can PK against the wanted player(Don't need open PK mode)
5. Except bounty bonus,You may PK and loot ( items,coins and EXP) the wanted player.
6. Bounty can be claimed repeatedly and it is not limited.The more the same reward order is sold the higher the reward will be.
7. The name of the player that has been bounty will be displayed in a specific color and only players who have purchase the bounty can see it
8. Wanted players will be killed by other puchase bounty player no matter where they are(Including the five city)