Game Guide

Tower Of Honor

PvP Introduce| 02 March 2021

1. TOH Introduction
Tower of Honor is a mixed battlefield of PVE and PVP.
You can enter the Tower of Honor from monday to saturday at 9pm
Press the TOH displayed button next to the minimap to entrance Tower Of Honor

The tower of honor is from 1st floor to 50 floors,When player first time enter it will start from the first floor.

2. Battlefield Rules
After entering the battlefield,you can get the key by killing the monster or player with the key.
Players who have a key on their body have a key icon on top of their character head
At the end of the limited time on the battlefield,you will go up to the next floor if you have a key
If there is no key transfer for a certain period of time,it may end early.
The monsters appearing on the battlefield will be very strong if there are less players joins and the monster will be weaker if there are more players joining

3. Battlefield Rewards
These two rewards can be obtained after the battlefield is over:
- End rewards : You will get different rewards according to the situation.
- If you have a key
- Kill more than one player
- The above two conditions are not met
- Ranking rewards : You will get different rewards according to the ranking based on the numbers of kill
- Rewards item will be distributed to the Warehouse,Please find the warehouse NPC to receive the rewards !