Game Guide

Guild War

PvP Introduce| 02 March 2021

Every 2 weeks mohun will hold a guild tournament in game.
Starting from round of 32, the Guild that lose wills be eliminated and the guild wins will advance to the next round.
Players can get certain rewards when when they win.

How to register guild tournament?
1. Guild level 2 above
2. You can register into the Guild tournament from Training Master NPC
3. Only Guild Rank 1-32 will be able to register for the Guild tournament
4. Only Guild Master can register.
6. Guild needs to have 10 members over LV.40
7. After registerering, you will be unable change the members.

1. Winning rules:
When the guild tournament starts, each character's head will show its own score.
On the upper right of your screen, the current scores of each guild will be displayed.
The Guild that scores 300 points first is deemed the winner
If more than one scores are the same, the Guild with more kills wins.

2. Score rules
When you knock-down an opponent, you can grab half of his score.
If the knock-downed opponent score is 0 , you will be awarded 1 point
If the score of the knocked down player drops to 0, they will be resurrected at a random location later.
3. Punishiment of getting high score
The maximum score of each character is 100 points and it will not increase
The higher the score, the more the player's movement speed and attack damange is decreased
Movement speed and attack damage will decrease by up to 80%

4. Victory Rewards
The winning Guild in the tournament will be able to claim certain rewards in the game.
At the end of the tournament, all Guild members in the battle stage can get rewards.
You can't get any rewards if you didn't participate
All online guilds members of the 1st to 3rd place, in the Guild tournament, will get rewards.
You may claim the rewards at cash-warehouse.
*Members in battle stage will get the rewards.
*The rewards will be sent into cash-warehouse.
*If the final or 3rd-4th place match is end by unearned win, all logined members will get the rewards.