Game Guide

Fortress War

PvP Introduce| 02 March 2021

1. Introduction

Fotress War will be held for 20 minutes on a specific map at 20:30 everyday.
You will receive the precinct taxes and ancient stone as the reward for winning fotress war
Anyone with different guild can join the Fotress War.

2. Rules
After the start of the fortress war, 3 "engraving stones" appear.
Two of the three "engraving stones" are fake, and only one is a real engraving stone.
The engraving stone appears in a random location, and the location will be show on the mini map.
After successfully engraving on the real engraving stone, you can occupy the fortress by obstructing the opponent’s engraving.
The fortress battle will be terminated early,after the engraving is successful and opponent failure to engraving on the real engraving stone within 2 minutes

3. Classification Fotress Warehouse and precinct
1. West Fotress Warehouse / precinct
Jade Gate /Mo Go Cave Entrance/Mo Go Cave 1F/Mo Go Cave 2F/Magma Mountain/Taar Temple/Crescent Lake/Dun Huang

2. East Fotress Warehouse / precinct
Hua Chin Pool/Mausoleum/Don Tin Pool/Huang River/Mausoleum Secret/Huang River Bay/Dragon Gate Entrance/Cheng Chow

3. North Fotress Warehouse / precinct
Mountain Sung/Great Wall/Mt.Tai-North/Mt.Tai-Top/Mt.Tai-South/South River

4. FotressWar Reward
The silver coins dropped from monsters will accumulate in the fortress warehouse in a certain proportion as "gold coins".
There is a 3% chance that the ancient stone dropped from monsters will accumulate in the fortress warehouse.
You can receive the fotress war reward from Stronghold Troop