Game Guide

Seige War

PvP Introduce| 02 March 2021

1. Introduction

- Siege War will be held every 2 week 2. Application for siege war
- Only guild master can application siege war
- Attack Side/Defense Side Application:Wednesday ~ Friday can apply through the NPC
- Application and Entry can be made through the officer NPC in Chang An , Lo Yang , Kai Feng , Beijing .

3. Rules For The Victory
- The last engraved guild will be the owner of the castle at the end of the siege war.
- Only guild master of guild level 5 can engrave.
- After starting the engraving, If you keep it for 10 seconds, the engraving will be successful.

4. Other rules
A. Special Monsters
- Monsters are spawned in front of the outer castle cate 5 minutes after the start of the siege war.
- A character that defeats(last hit) the monster increase one stat of STR, AGI, VIT, INT by 10 in only the siege war map.
- Monsters will be respawned 2 minutes after defeated.

B. Brawl Skill
- If you use Brawl skill, you can attack the other attack side guild. (except my guild and alliance members)

C. Death Penalty
- There is no death penalty in the siege war.
- You will be resurrected automatically in the starting point 10 seconds after death

5. Reward For The Owner Of The Castle
- The owner of the castle can impose tax on NPC store purchases. (0%~5%)
- The tax can be set and taken through the Castle Admin NPC in Chang An, Lo Yang, Kai Feng, Beijing